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Rabbit Savior and Priority Passport have teamed up to offer our Bun Bill Assistance members and those with FundMyBun campaigns a unified commerce streamlined banking service. This is the industries’ only native payment/banking platform. Passport provides a safe, secure, scalable and an easy way to manage financial transactions involving payment transfers with methods such as card, ACH, check and wires.

The Passport account system allows Rabbit Savior to transfer our member’s funds directly to their Passport account. We have co-branded with Visa card services to have our Rabbit Savior logo on the card. The Passport account would be used for paying out claims and Fund My Bun donations. The Visa card can be used worldwide with a unique pin code created by the user.

The Passport account cannot only be used with our services, it can be used for purchases online in place of a saved credit card, as well as in place of online banking, and can replace an “in branch” banking account and ATM. This system was designed to protect the consumer from fraud and to prevent identity and monetary theft, which can be done through other systems that save credit card information. Passport is also FDIC insured with all accounts under the nationwide money transmission licensing. This is the new future of online banking.

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Passport is a highly rated Nasdaq Company

Why Passport benefits the Vet clinics

  • Have your merchant account attached to the Passport banking system

  • Same day funding into your merchant bank account- no waiting 24 to 48hrs for your prior day batching

  • You can pay all your clinics vendors with a scheduled payment report, set it and it will send all your vendors their payments automatically each month

  • Faster cash flow at hand

  • Our V.E.T and P.E.T.S. Programs with the Passport banking powerhouse will not only save you money but also generate a revenue stream back to the clinic.

  • Send a payment to your vendor within minutes to hit their account

  • You can also get financing for any upgrade’s for your clinic or working capital through Priority with the combination of having your merchant payment system attached to your Passport account

  • Top tier merchant percentage rates that are the lowest in the industry we beat all major merchant fees

  • Passport is FDIC insured

  • Passport is Priority’s unified commerce engine that seamlessly integrates payments, treasury and banking solutions to allow merchants and businesses to quickly and easily collect, store, and send money with full regulatory compliance.

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Good to know…

Here are a few important FAQs about Passport. If you still have questions, you can contact us.

How do I sign up for a passport account?

When you apply for Bun Bill Assistance or a FundMyBun campaign, you will get an email with an onboarding link to get your account verified and activated.

What is Passport and priority?

Priority is a leading payments and banking solutions and services provider that helps businesses and financial institutions take and make payments, manage business and consumer operating accounts, and monetize payment networks.

How do I use my passport account?

Please see the how to videos above as well as our Passport PDF that explains all the functions.

Can I use this account only for Rabbit Savior?

No, you can use this as your daily banking service. You can deposit, send or collect funds from outside accounts. The Passport is FDIC insured just like your banking service you have now. Unlike Paypal or venmo, they are not FDIC insured. This is a much safer way to send, store and collect money.

Is Passport this like Venmo and Paypal or even Zelle?

Yes, you can send, store and collect money from outside accounts. If you are sending to another person that has a Passport account, you enter their payment ID and send with that as you would like a zelle, venmo and Paypal.

Can I use my Visa card anywhere?

Anywhere Visa cards are accepted in the world.


Click here to open our step-by-step Passport User Guide

How to onboard your Passport account

This video shows you how to set up, login, and verify your Passport account

How to set up your Passport account

This video shows you how to set up, login, and verify your Passport account

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