Veterinary Electronic Transaction

The next generation in payment processing for veterinarian clinics.
One simple solution and one huge impact. A unified commerce suite.


The mission and end result for our journey. Click the button below for more information.

​​​​​​​You do not have to switch your current veterinarian office software; you can keep using your management software with our payment system. There is no need to switch programs to use our system.

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Welcome to V.E.T.

Facilitating Financial Solutions for the Veterinary Community.

Team Rabbit Savior realizes what a critical partner our veterinary clinics are to ensure our pets
live their best life. Therefore, Rabbit Savior created V.E.T. to give back to our care team
partners, so they continue supplying first-class care.

When your vet clinic uses V.E.T., Rabbit Savior’s unified commerce suite services for digital payments,
the earned rebates return to your clinic. You can use the rebates for anything you want: staff professional
development, new equipment, funding a local immunization drive…the choice is up to you!

Connecting the

Veterinary Network Worldwide

Rabbit Savior (RS) has partnered with PASSPORT by Priority to offer a unified commerce suite for Veterinary clinics worldwide.

Our system, called V.E.T., is the industry’s first only native “banking-as-a-service” platform that provides a secure, scalable, and easy way to manage digital transactions such as ATM and credit cards, ACH, checks, and wires. Rabbit Savior's dual mission is to educate, equip, and introduce rabbit owners worldwide to a nearby exotic veterinary clinic and, thereby, enhance the quality of life of our pet(s); while simultaneously delivering the veterinary clinics with financial tools to help grow their practices.

Facilitating Financial Growth Solutions for Veterinary Clinics.

p.e.t.s. is a simple, easy & straightforward process that works like this:

  • For every payment transaction you initiate, a percentage of that sale is credited to your V.E.T. Treasury account. The more volume you do, the more you earn back.

  • You will track those accrued rebates as they get deposited into your Treasury account. At the end of your first year in the V.E.T. program, you may transfer those funds to your local bank account, or allow funding to continue to accrue — however you choose to use these dollars is up to you.

  • Beginning in year two of the program, funds can be withdrawn quarterly.

  • Starting in year three, withdrawals may be changed to monthly at your discretion.

Introducing the industry's first

P.E.T.S. Give Back Program

payback on every transactional sale

Rabbit Savior also has a program called P.E.T.S., (yes, we like those monikers). But hey, we love animals even more so what’s better than to nickname our initiative after our animals?

P.E.T.S. was designed by us to create a way for the veterinary clinics to earn funding rebates they can use for anything they like such as upgrades around the clinic, buying new equipment, or maybe
contributing to a new employee’s student loan repayment!

Joining the V.E.T. network allows access to the P.E.T.S. Give Back
Opportunity is for all veterinary clinics across the globe.
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It’s simple. We care because you care.

When I designed V.E.T., the athlete in me made sure no other
company in the market space could compete with our payment processing pricing and
technology we offer…PERIOD.

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